University & Hospital

University, College, and School Security

Unfortunately, in the modern world universities, colleges, and even high schools at times may need tight security. Campus shootings and violence happen all too frequently it seems, and the answer to this phenomenon is tighter security and more security officers on campus. Kingdom Security, Inc. provides highly trained security officers that are both professional and effective at providing the highest quality security services to schools, colleges, and universities. We can provide a security consultation and tailor made security solutions to help keep your students safe no matter what their age is. All of our security officers are trained in CPR and first aid, as well as all aspects of campus and student security, to help keep your students safe as well as secure.

Hospital and Nursing Home Security

Extensive CheckingKingdom Security, Inc. offers security services that are tailored for the hospital and nursing home settings. All of our security officers meet both state and federal requirements, as well as our additional training and Security Training University requirements. We provide professional high quality security, and our entire teams of highly trained security officers are prepared for any situation. Let us help you find the perfect security solution to protect your hospital or nursing home and patients.

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