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Security professionalsAll of the security officers that are part of the Kingdom Security team have been extensively trained and prepared for every situation that may occur. Before any security officer is placed on assignment they must attend the Security Training University, in addition to meeting the state and federal requirements for the job. These extensive training classes help our security officers prepare for any eventuality that may occur, so they are always ready and prepared no matter what situation arises. This allows Kingdom Security to offer highly trained and qualified personnel that are right for any setting and environment, no matter how rugged or refined

Only Kingdom Security, Inc. maintains and utilizes the Security Training University for our security officers. You need college to succeed in life, and the Security Training University is needed for a successful and prepared security officer. The classes required cover every aspect of security and safety training, and our security officers cannot be placed on assignment until these classes are completed. We believe that our security officers need to be completely and competently trained to be effective in their job, and our Security Training University is one way this is done by Kingdom Security, Inc.

Kingdom Security specializes in the delivery of professional Security Officer Services to large, highly public environments where exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge are required.

Beginning with the right people in the first place is critical to our ability to satisfy our clients. By utilizing the most stringent selection process in the security industry, we are able to provide our corporate customers with a level of service that is second to none.

Kingdom Security's training standards are amongst the highest in the security industry anywhere. Once hired, our professional Security Officers will undergo anywhere from 64 to 160 hours of training prior to working at your site in a billable position. While having a superior selection process helps us start off with more capable individuals, extensive training is where we are really able to make a difference in our service quality.

Kingdom also goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our staff members are fulfilling their obligations and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Through a combination of patrol verification systems, shift supervisors, site supervisors, zone supervisors, field managers and a 24 hour operations control centre, we are able to supervise and support our staff in ways that other companies can only dream of. When you use Kingdom Security, you are not simply buying the services of an on-site Security Officer; you are buying the services of an extremely integrated team of protection professionals.

Many security companies send their security officers to a new assignment without an orientation, and this can compromise security if the officers do not know all the critical information, such as where fire extinguishers are or other important facts. At Kingdom Security we never allow any of our security officers to work a new assignment without an orientation. This includes onsite training so that every officer is familiar with the layout and the emergency equipment, such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers located in the buildings. We believe that a well trained and prepared security officer is the most effective, and we make sure each member of our team has been fully and extensively trained in all aspects of an assignment before they are placed on that assignment.

Our highly trained professionals are on duty and providing superior levels of service to major corporations and institutions across the US. Call us today to find out how Kingdom's Professional Security Officers can add value to your organization.

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