Manufactoring & Construction

Manufacturing and Industrial Security

Manufactoring and ConstructionManufacturing and industrial security poses a unique problem for many companies, and there may be special requirements and issues involved because of the environment. Kingdom Security, Inc. requires on the site training and orientation before our security officers are placed on assignment, so that our personnel are prepared for anything that may occur. This also allows us to customize the training our officers receive for each individual client, according to the specific requirements and needs the client may have. This is in addition to the rigorous training and education required by us, before we place any security officer on assignment. We have been providing high quality security services to manufacturing and industrial complexes and plants for years, and we have extensive experience in this area.

Construction Site Security

Construction site security is a big concern to many businesses, and at Kingdom Security, Inc. we can give you the security you are looking for with our construction site security program. We provide a portable trailer with all the needed equipment, along with extensively trained security officers, to monitor your construction site as part of this program. Trespassing, theft, and other security problems will be a thing of the past, because your construction site will be secure and protected by our highly qualified and extensively trained security officers.

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