Live ScanAt Kingdom Security, Inc. we are proud to use the Livescan fingerprint scanning system, the latest in fingerprinting technology. Unlike the optical fingerprinting systems, which are easily contaminated by dirt and environmental debris, Livescan uses sound waves to read the prints, so that there is a higher quality to the fingerprint scanning involved with no chance of contamination by the environment. This means better results with no equipment sensitivity. The sound waves used are very similar to an ultrasound procedure, and this method is much more effective than the optical fingerprint scanning systems normally used by other security companies.

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has established a process of performing background checks utilizing digitized fingerprints. A new process, called LiveScan, allows fingerprints to be electronically transmitted to the DOJ in a matter of seconds. This technology replaces rolling fingerprints on an ink pad and sending them in by mail. This delay slowed the process by weeks and even months, and if smudged the process may have to be repeated.

The LiveScan process gets the results of your criminal background check to your organization or employer within days

Who Needs LiveScan?

Anyone applying for employment as a security guard, teacher, daycare employee, home daycare provider, coach, nurse, doctor, elder care giver, foster parent and adoptive parent to name a few. Also, anyone applying for licensing as a attorney, realtor, notary, pharmacist, stock broker, psychologist, MFT, vehicle dealer, etc.

This is no by means a "definitive" list. Requirements and legislation are constantly changing. Many industries have legislation pending at this time that will require LiveScan before employment

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