Extensive Background Check

Extensive CheckingKingdom Security, Inc. offers background checks and investigations that are thorough and effective, giving you peace of mind. We offer the entire screening process in one location, so that the complete process is more accurate and secure. Each subject has their identification verified throughout the process, ensuring that the background check results you receive actually belong to the subject and not someone else. Our Life Scan fingerprinting system is the latest in fingerprint technology, eliminating the chance for errors or false results. We perform the most extensive background check and investigation possible, with a team of qualified specialists in background information verification.

We offer the most thoroughly screened, best trained, and most strictly supervised officers in the state. More applicants fail than pass our pre-employment tests, which include drug screening and psychological testing.

We provide both armed and unarmed officers, depending on your needs. Both have passed our rigorous standards. But those who have qualified as unarmed officers and wish to also qualify as armed officers must meet additional testing and training requirements.

Those tests include psychological tests designed to determine whether he/she has the proper temperament to handle a gun.

Our Uniforms are of the highest quality material and standards available in the industry- They are designed with a professional approach. Our officers are also available in plain-clothes, too, whenever the situation warrants

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