Corporate Security Overview

corporate SecurityKingdom Security is a complete solution provider to corporate clients. Experienced and professional, we combine technological resources, teamwork, and highly trained individuals in the delivery of unmatched security protection to corporations and large scale institutions. From the minute you call Kingdom; we'll assist and consult with you to develop a security program that works for your budget and your organization.

Our services span all corporate asset protection specialties from CCTV systems to mobile patrols and from risk assessments to corporate investigations. We are an innovative and dynamic company that uses the power of the internet to maximize our value to a client list that includes international companies, high-tech companies, large office buildings, shopping malls, convention centers, and major hotels.

Kingdom specializes in the delivery of services to large, highly public environments where exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge of the challenges associated with extensive facilities are essential. That fact alone says a great deal about the Kingdom difference.

Whether we're providing security services to a 2,000 square foot home or a 2,000,000 square foot university building, our approach is always to identify the specific requirements of the client

From our wide experience with institutions and government, we know that the safety and security issues of each contract will never be identical. Public buildings where visitors can come and go relatively freely present very different challenges to the high security needs of research labs, financial centers and government buildings. But with a dedication to thorough analysis and due diligence, Kingdom Security has proven it can offer public and private institutions superior end to end service from consultation through implementation to ongoing customer service and support.

Our track record is excellent. Success, however, does not make us slow to adopt effective new methods. We're efficient, innovative and adapt smoothly to changing needs. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology to streamline communications and improve security. But more important, we invest in our people because they are at the core of customer satisfaction

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