Company Overview

Welcome to Kingdom Security where we believe that great security and excellent customer service go together. We strive to be #1 in officer training throughout the world, and we require our security officers to attend our Security Training University, in addition to meeting stringent federal and state guidelines and requirements. Unlike most security companies, we have a customer service representative available at all times, so your call is answered promptly by a live person, who will work immediately to take care of your issue quickly and conveniently. We believe that providing excellent customer service along with extensively trained and prepared security personnel creates a better and more secure environment for everyone.

about us

We are a security super-company with resources and expertise that span all asset protection specialties. By establishing highly efficient lines of communication and investing in leading edge technology, Kingdom Security has developed the most responsive customer service programs in the industry.

Through a combination of outstanding people, ongoing training, advanced technology, and an absolute passion for customer service excellence, Kingdom Security has been able to deliver total customer satisfaction to our valued clientele.

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